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About Our Cacao

From the Rainforest to You

DAGOBA chocolate starts in the rainforest, where cacao trees thrive. Under the dappled
light of the canopy, these trees provide a peaceful habitat for many native species.

Cacao pods grow from fragile flowers on the tree’s stem and branches. These pods hold around 50 cacao beans. Farmers harvest the ripe pods, then scoop out the beans and allow them to ferment.

Each Cacao Pod holds about 50 Cacao Beans

After fermentation, the beans are dried, roasted, shelled and ground into chocolate liquor. This chocolate is then mixed with other ingredients to create delicious, organic chocolate.

The flavor of cacao beans depends on a multitude of factors, including rainfall, soil quality and surrounding plants. By exploring and sourcing our own cacao, we can carefully monitor its quality and flavor. This also ensures that the cacao meets our strict conservation standards.

From pure varietals to exotic flavor infusions, all DAGOBA products start with premium, sustainably-sourced cacao. Enjoy the pure chocolate perfection of our pure varietals, or tantalize your taste buds with our exotic bars.