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Our Certifications

Our Certifications

DAGOBA products are certified organic and made with cacao beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, so you feel good about every indulgence.

Certified Organic

Inspired chocolate starts with the best ingredients. That's why all DAGOBA products are certified organic under USDA guidelines.

Each DAGOBA product has at least 95% organic ingredients with no GMOs, synthetic additives or irradiated ingredients. Our organic cacao beans are also sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. 

Why organic?

This means that organic operations must maintain or enhance soil and water quality, while also conserving wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.

But we don't stop there. DAGOBA products also use certified organic sugar, essential oils, fruits, and nuts. It's just another way we create delicious chocolate that makes a difference.

Tastes good…Does good.

Rainforest Alliance Certified™  

You may have noticed a frog seal on DAGOBA packaging. This little frog represents big advancements in sustainable farming. The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities.

It trains farmers in some of the world’s most vulnerable landscapes to farm in a way that conserves forests, protects streams and rivers, nurtures soil health, and boosts crop yields. It also encourages cooperation between independent farmers to market certified products more effectively to cocoa exporters.

Independent studies demonstrate that Rainforest Alliance training leads to increased yields and income through programs that teach cocoa farmers how to increase efficiency, productivity, and resilience of the land. 

Our mission at DAGOBA Organic has always been to craft deeply satisfying chocolate in a socially responsible way. Consistent with our mission, we partnered with the Rainforest Alliance in 2010; as of 2012, we can proudly state that all of our DAGOBA Organic Chocolate is made with cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. 

Our commitment to purchasing cacao only from Rainforest Alliance Certified Co-ops has had a significant impact on the lives and lands of those who produce our cacao. Learn more.

Tastes good...Does good.

Non-GMO Project Verified

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.” The Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices. 

Products carrying this seal have been evaluated by a third-party Technical Administrator responsible for evaluating compliance to the rigorous non-GMO food and product standards, which is set by a Board of Directors of the non-GMO Project. This Board represents a balanced representation of interests, including directors from a full spectrum of stakeholder sectors (retail, farming, distribution, manufacturing, public), and from both large and small organizations. 

Our mission is not only to bring good tasting chocolate to the world, but help preserve the world and its people. Achieving Non-GMO Project Verification aligns with this core value that underlies all that we do at DAGOBA Chocolate. Learn more about the Non-GMO Project.

Tastes good…Does good.


Our inspired chocolate is made from organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, non-GMO Project Verified beans sourced only from small cacao farms.

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