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Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

All DAGOBA Organic products start with premium, sustainably sourced, non-GMO project verified cacao.

About Our Cacao

DAGOBA Chocolate starts in the rainforest, where cacao trees thrive. Under the dappled light of the canopy, these trees provide a peaceful habitat for many native species.

Cacao pods grow from fragile flowers on the tree’s trunk and main branches. These pods contain approximately 50 cacao beans. Farmers harvest the ripe pods, then scoop out the beans and allow them to ferment. After fermentation, the beans are dried, roasted, shelled and ground into chocolate liquor. This liquor is then mixed with other ingredients to create delicious, organic chocolate.

The flavor of cacao beans depends on a multitude of factors, from cacao genetics to environment. These include rainfall, soil quality and surrounding plants. By exploring and sourcing our own Rainforest Alliance Certified® cacao, we can carefully monitor its quality and flavor. This also ensures that the cacao meets our strict conservation standards.


DAGOBA Chocolate’s Peruvian cacao comes from a small community of indigenous growers in San Juan de Cheni. In recent years, DAGOBA Chocolate has helped these farmers create a central fermentation area, solar driers, and seedling nursery. Farmers achieved Rainforest Alliance certification for community farms in 2011. Cacao from this region carries a complex blend of fruit, rose and wine flavors.

Dominican Republic

The farm of Finca Elvesia has a long and rich history. A Swiss family converted the farm to cacao at the turn of the 20th century. Today, it is home to a variety of farming workshops, renewable energy initiatives, and is Rainforest Alliance Certified®. The farm’s rocky, sloped terrain gives its organic cacao beans a fruity flavor. Fermentation and roasting develops a balanced flavor blend of nuts, wild cherry, oak and tannin.


Our Tanzanian cacao beans come from the Biolands Cooperative in Kyela. More than 20,000 farmers from this cooperative achieved Rainforest Alliance certification for their farms at our request. Special fermentation practices result in a rich bouquet of berry flavors with notes of leather, fig and plum.


Our Ecuadorian cacao comes from the remote province of Esmeraldas: one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. Ecuador has long been a cacao-producing country, but only recently gained recognition as the premiere source of fine-flavor cocoa or Criollo. We work with the Sabor Arriba Cooperative and its 320 members to select cacao with a distinctly Criollo character. Locally known as Oro Negro or “Black Gold,” these beans have a uniquely herbal flavor with hints of pineapple and other tropical fruits on top of a strong cacao base. We also work with the Rainforest Alliance to help farmers increase cacao quality and yield through education and sustainable farming methods. 


Our inspired chocolate is made from organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, non-GMO Project Verified beans sourced only from small cacao farms.

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