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Our People

Our People

Meet the women farmers behind DAGOBA Organic Chocolate’s premium cacao, and discover how we’re helping.

Meet Martina

Martina is a loving mother and a proud cacao farmer in the small community of San Juan de Cheni, Peru. She is committed to showing her children that economic opportunities exist for women. She believes that women can and should play an important role in cacao growing and chocolate making. She is helping to foster a more empowered generation of women in her community.

Inspired by women like Martina, we decided to do more than simply buy their cacao beans. We wanted to give back to the village itself. Through the One for All Cacao Project, a nonprofit fund investing locally in cacao communities like San Juan de Cheni, we help women like Martina improve their village infrastructure and strengthen the role of women in cacao production. 


Our inspired chocolate is made from organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, non-GMO Project Verified beans sourced only from small cacao farms.

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