broken DAGOBA chocolate bar with ginger slices and ginger powder on wood background

Delicious Chocolate, Driven by Purpose

DAGOBA Organic Chocolate is America’s original organic chocolate. Thoughtfully sourced. Beautifully crafted. Really good chocolate you can feel really good about. Discover DAGOBA.

At DAGOBA Organic Chocolate, we’ve always believed chocolate has a deeper purpose. Founded 16 years ago, our portfolio of chocolates is crafted in Ashland, Oregon, from globally sourced ingredients. During that time our passion for high-quality cacao has been matched only by our passion for the natural environment and human communities where we source our cacao.

Today we continue to honor the richness and complexity of great cacao through thoughtful sourcing of our beans and the careful crafting of our organic chocolate. As we have since the very beginning, we continue to use innovative organic flavor infusions to complement our chocolate in surprising and delightful ways.

Most importantly, we continue to deepen our sense of purpose, to evolve as a brand, by seeking new and more impactful ways to sustainably source cacao and give back to the communities that grow and process our cacao. Today DAGOBA Organic Chocolate uses only USDA Organic-certified cacao beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients, resulting in chocolate that helps promote a more sustainable planet. From rainforest ecosystems to the social and economic systems of cacao communities, our true purpose is to create delicious organic chocolate.

In 2016, DAGOBA Organic Chocolate established The One for All Cacao Project—a nonprofit fund investing in infrastructure, education and women’s self-empowerment within cacao communities. The One for All Cacao Project allows us to shine a light on the unique challenges and opportunities facing those who grow and harvest cacao and help strengthen the valuable role of women in these communities.

The past 17 years have been more than sweet. They’ve been an exciting, challenging, rewarding evolution—and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Above all, we’re thrilled to continue offering thoughtfully sourced, beautifully crafted organic chocolate that not only tastes good, but that you can feel good about, with every delightful bite.

DAGOBA wrapped Picante Chocolate bar with wooden spoonful of cacao nibs


Introducing our newest Flavor Alchemy.

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